Grocare Gastritis Reviews

Grocare Gastritis Reviews

Do you always feel that your stomach is full and you have lost interest in eating? Are you facing the problem of indigestion quite often even when you have not eaten anything wrong? Not just you, there are a number of people today who are facing such problems every day. Gastritis has become a really common problem throughout the world. The point that is the matter of concern more is people ignore such symptoms due to busy schedule and after some time these symptoms lead to some massive problems.

In such times, Grocare®’s Acidim® and Xembran® – together known as Gastritis Kit have helped thousands of users recover from their conditions naturally over a period of a few weeks. Here are some of their experiences.

Had Grade 5 hiatal hernia, antral gastritis and deodenal folds in report and a few weeks later report shows no hiatal hernia, no folds, and no gastritis. Was still experiencing mild symptoms because it was only a few weeks into treatment. Upon continuation these symptoms subsided completely. 

Anonymous, Dubai, UAE

I am feeling much better after starting xembran and acidim. I feel very well that my body toxins are excreted. motion and urine such a bad odour gastritis becoming good. Thanks Grocare

Dharmapuri, India

I have been using grocare medicine since two n half months and it gives me immense pleasure to tell you that ur medicine is really doing wonders n i hv improved a lot in my Gastritis problem.
Thanks for providing such beneficial kits..

Purnima koul, Ghaziabad, India

In less than 4 months, my Hiatal hernia and Antral Gastritis of several years got nearly cured, thanks Grocare. I am attaching my reports of before start of treatment and latest (I am continuing treatment based on Grocare’s advice)

Name not disclosed, Mumbai, India

My Gastritis symptoms were –
1. lack of appetite
2.feeling of fullness after eating
3.slight sensation of pain in abdomen after eating lasting for some time
Endoscopy report impression- 
 *   Multiple erosions seen all over the stomach & in 1st part of duodenum 
 *    H.pylori –    positive 
 *    Antrum- gastric mucosa 
After trying many doctors for my Gastritis, I was recommended Grocare and I took Xembran and Acidim. Initially, I had to take increased dose of Acidim and was also advised STOMAID due to possible Amoeba. Gradually the 3 products worked and in about 8-9 months, I am almost cured. Thanks Grocare !

Reagan Greer, USA

I had heart burn for several years and was diagnosed as Antral Gastritis with erosions. Years of allopathic treatment were waste of time, money and energy. Then I found Grocare and took treatment comprising of Xembran and Acidim, and within 4 weeks, started seeing results, took for about 9 months and now almost cured of the problem.

Yousif Ali Ahmed, Sharjah, UAE

Dear Sirs, I recently purchased the kit. I am very impressed by the results. In about 2 weeks i already begin to feel relief. The stomach bloating is almost gone and the pain has been reduced by about 90%. I have been suffering with stomach issues since January of this year. I have tried several combos of over the counter meds and natural remedies as well but with very little improvement, frankly it was very discouraging, however your medication is by far the one offering real result.. I was reviewing your website and could find any recommendation to restore the hearth function, you have any suggestions, Thank You

Andre Dore, Ontario, Canada

I started a treatment three weeks ago and since then I’ve been pretty happy with the results. I noticed an immediate improvement of my symptoms, which honestly I wasn’t expecting to happen so quickly.  I am 56 years old and weigh 150 pounds. Thank you again. I’m looking forward to successfully finish my treatment.

Raul Reyes, USA

I am writing this email to thank you for the wonderful medicine that Grocare has been providing. I used to live in the United States for over 12 years, and had to live alone for a couple of months in 2017. During that time I had inculcated several bad food/eating habits such as skipping my breakfast, replacing my breakfast with just coffee, eating very late at night, eating reheated home-made food that was frozen for over 2 months, etc. My problems started with symptoms such as excessive hunger (I used to feel hungry immediately after having a meal), bloating (if do not have food immediately after the first few rumblings), and stomach pain. I consulted with several GI specialties in both the United States and India. I was prescribed different kinds of PPIs all of which helped me only momentarily but made me dependent on them. I even tried Homeopathy which seemed to work at the beginning  but did not work after a couple of weeks. In fact those medications actually made my conditions worse. I had three endoscopies (for every 3 months) that confirmed that I have a Hiatal Hernia and Esophagitis. I started having persistent throat burns and heart burns on a daily basis since the acid in my stomach could traverse all the way up to my mouth. Whenever I had pain, I used to eat a lot to neutralize the acid so that I could feel better. I ended up overeating (7 or 8 times a day), and hence started to put on more weight which made my conditions even worse. I was stuck in this vicious cycle for several months. I could not focus on my work, and could not make any major commitments at work. I restrained myself from going out for several months because I did not want to end up in a situation where I cannot have food immediately when I start having pain. I moved back to India for good in April 2018. After coming to India I tried Homeopathy and Naturopathy. I was very hopeless because nothing seemed to work. Many resources said that Hiatal Hernia is progressive, and cannot be cured. I was worried that I might develop Esophageal cancer if I keep getting acid refluxes for a prolonged period of time. I was considering fundoplication surgery but many blogs stated that the conditions returned or even worsened after the surgery. I was totally HOPELESS. That’s when I googled and found out about Grocare. I was very impressed with the way how the medications are expected to work for a given health condition. I ordered my first kit and started having my medication in September 2018. Also I have been strictly following the diet chart that came along with the kit. I think you guys have the best understanding of how diet influences the health conditions associated with Gastritis and Hiatal Hernia. I have tried many diets such as GERD diet, Naturopathic diet, Low FODMAP diet and so on but nothing worked like the one I got from Grocare. Nearly 5-6 weeks after I started taking your medication, and following your diet chart I started feeling much better. All my symptoms have subsided. I am more confident now, and fell that I just got my life back! I do not mean to say that I am fully recovered yet but I am certainly confident that I am on my way towards complete cure. I cannot thank you enough.

Kannan Subramanian, Chennai, India

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