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Made with Potent BioActives like Myristica fragrans & Pure Shankha Bhasma, Xembran® helps to eradicate H. pylori and other pathogenic bacteria. This can also help to develop good gut microflora.

120 tablets.

Tablet Size: 600mg


This product was developed with the intention to help with a common gastrointestinal infection of H. pylori, but the ingredients contained in this product have other functions that are helpful for rejuvenating the gut. This product has a number of ingredients that can help with protecting the stomach and gastrointestinal system. 

  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Acid balancing
  • Antispasmodic
  • Appetite stimulating
  • Digestion stimulating
  • Pain relieving
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • pH balancing
  • Blood sugar stabilizing
  • Immune boosting
  • Good bacteria promoting
  • Anti-parasite
  • Gas-relieving
  • Soothing to an irritated stomach


At Grocare, we only utilise the highest quality, natural Ayurvedic ingredients, because we believe in giving your body the very best. Every ingredient in our treatments is sourced ethically from local farmers, and combined and tested in-house, to ensure freshness, purity, and quality. We never use any chemicals, synthetic ingredients, additives, or fillers—we are all-natural—for your safety. 

Every one of our product formulations are safe, and come bearing minimal to no side effects. For too long people have had to worry about the negative side effects of medications & supplements, and it is our mission to provide alternative, all-natural treatments that produce only positive side effects—results, relief, and healing. 

Pure, high-potency, and carefully nurtured ingredients make all the difference in the quality of a treatment. 

Below are important contents (herbs) that are included in the formulation. Please note that it is a proprietary patented process and combination that has been developed with year's of research and rigourously tested with consistent results. Some of the ingredients are as under with their well known activities :

Shankha Bhasma has antacid, Anti-diarrheal, Antispasmodi activity. In addition, it also acts as a Stool binding agent, Appetite stimulant and Digestive stimulant Cyperus rotundus has potent Gastro protective, Anti-inflammatory and Antispasmodic activity.

Myristica fragrans is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, antispasmodic, parasiticidal in nature. It helps to boost immune response against harmful bacteria.

Zingiber officinale has powerful bactericidal and anti-biofilm activity which makes it a very good anti-bacterial. It also has carminative, digestive and anti- spasmodic activity.

Directions for Use: 
1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily after meals, or as indicated in applicable disease medication or as directed.

Side effects: 
Xembran® does not have any severe side effects if taken within the prescribed dosage. Initially, it may cause some detox symptoms such as weakness, mild headaches, dry throat and weight loss. Kindly reach out us in such cases and we will help you counteract these symptoms.

Disclaimer :
With the consumption of Grocare Ayurvedic products, an individual can experience noticeable changes and relief from pain, discomfort etc. within a few weeks of its consumption.The results with the consumption of the Gorcare's kit vary entirely based on the consumer's age, diet, and the overall lifestyle they have

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Grocare® Xembran