Turmeric Extract

Helps build immunity, fight inflammation and reduces oxidative stress.

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Our Experts

Comprised of distinguished physicians, M.D., Ph.D., nutritionists & Ayurveda experts, our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) members serve as strategic advisors to Grocare and were chosen for their multidisciplinary expertise, thought-leadership and diverse geographic representation. Their collective experience helps you receive the best in healthcare



"I was sceptial and i cannot belive it, but no symptoms since i use this product!!! definitely going to order more bottles!"

Edward K.
Los Angeles, CA

My tinnitus has improved, however I also suffer from a Schatzki-ringorachalasia. I had 2 surgeries with a balloon device to open the Schatzki-ring. About 2 weeks into the treatment with your medicine, my achalasia has all but disappeared.  

Franz P.Took a while but things stabilised

This kit was very effective for me. There was little to no discomfort after taking the tablets. It took sometime to see relief, but it was very assuring after a fortnight.

Kieran L.
Singapore, SG

I am happy to share with you the good news !! My Hiatus hernia is completely gone. Doctors could not find it in my reports. They were very surprised !!Thanks to you and your team. !!

Dipti N.
Agra, IN

Friendly team and i have ordered Colitis Kit and looking to chat with someone who has benefited from the product. This is my first step to herbal medicine and waiting for my product order placed yesterday.

Sydney, Australia

The item has help me in just a few weeks, the symptoms have reduced, such as pain and discomfort, acid reflux, and bloating. In just a few weeks of using the item I can't believe how much relief I have got after so many years of suffering and trauma. Today I have placed another order and that shows how much relief I got after I started using the item. Thank you Grocare

Nkaaku Baker
Lagos, NI
Introducing Delixirs®

We are happy to announce the arrival of our 100% natural skincare brand - Delixirs®. 

We believe that proper skincare isn’t an indulgence, but a necessity. We believe that your skincare line should care for your skin just as much as you do. And, we believe in pampering, because beauty care should be safe, and highly effective, and should make you feel incredible.

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A supplement designed to fight fibrosis, Grocare®'s Abronym® has proven itself to be very effective by providing relief to its users suffering from associated conditions. 

Revolutionising Weight Management with Zerilox®

Zerilox® is an ayurvedic formulation which reduces the triglyceride content of adipocytes & reduces inflammation effectively


Absogen is the perfect supplement which helps in all types of age related, lifestyle related and environment related damages to our body while giving an option to lead a very healthy inflammation free life