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All Natural Weight Management Supplement

60 Capsules

Capsules Size: 500mg

Lipid Accumulation in adipocytes is the primary parameter for Obesity. Chronic low-grade inflammation leads to adipose tissue dysfunction, impairing adipogenesis and insulin sensitivity. Inflammation is a finely regulated mechanism, and defects in its balance cause adipose tissue dysfunction leading to Lipid Accumulation. 

Overtime, adipocyte dysfunctions can be the root cause for many chronic issues including hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and even some types of cancer.

Zerilox is a revolutionary ayurvedic formulation which reduces the triglyceride content of adipocytes & reduces inflammation without showing any toxicity towards cells. Non-toxic nature and fat deposition reduction capacity while keeping inflammation down makes Zerilox a perfect tool to manage obesity and its side effects effectively. 

Zerilox is shown to significantly manage both malic enzyme and acetyl coa carboxylase enzymes, responsible for adipose (see research findings below)


Research Articles on Zerilox®:

Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on Lung fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on Renal fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on oral fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, Turmeric and their combinations on uterine and ovarian fibrosis characters (In Vitro)



At Grocare, we only utilise the highest quality, natural Ayurvedic ingredients, because we believe in giving your body the very best. Every ingredient in our treatments is sourced ethically from local farmers, and combined and tested in-house, to ensure freshness, purity, and quality. We never use any chemicals, synthetic ingredients, additives, or fillers—we are all-natural—for your safety. 

Every one of our product formulations are 100% safe, and come bearing minimal to no side effects. For too long people have had to worry about the negative side effects of medications & supplements, and it is our mission to provide alternative, all-natural treatments that produce only positive side effects—results, relief, and healing. 

Pure, high-potency, and carefully nurtured ingredients make all the difference in the quality of a treatment. 
Below are important contents that are included in the formulation.


Directions for Use:
1 Capsule 2 times daily after meals or as directed. 

Side effects: 
Zerilox® does not have any side effects if taken within the prescribed dosage. It can safely be consumed by persons with diabetes or high blood pressure. It does not cause any harm/ adverse effect in above cases. 

Please contact us by email or phone for personalised guidance from our in-house doctors.



Disclaimer :
With the consumption of Grocare Ayurvedic products, an individual can experience noticeable changes and relief from pain, discomfort etc. within a few weeks of its consumption.The results with the consumption of the Gorcare's kit vary entirely based on the consumer's age, diet, and the overall lifestyle they have

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Grocare® Zerilox®

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Udaya Sankar

Feel good... Nice product


I've tried every fat burner pill and this is the one that works for me. I don't feel jittery or feel a crash, I'm also not as hungry as I used to. Remember, it only works well if you combine diet and exercise to see results.


Made me very tired

My body does feel like it is changing and I can already see a diff

make sure you stay hydrated with this. I ride my bike at least 3 times a week and it would take me about 45 min in before I start sweating. Now with the pills I am drenched in sweat 15 min into my workout. So evidently something extra is working

Overall good product.

Overall good product.


Diet and Exercise Is Key But These Pills Boost It


I rarely leave reviews, but I'm compelled to share my experience about this wonderful product. I've been trying and using different fat burner/energy supplements for over 20 years. I am rarely hungry now and when I eat, my portions are smaller because I'm not starving. I tried this product because of all the positive reviews, everyone was right.


After taking for 2 weeks, I'm noticing a decrease in my appetite and my energy level has increased.

Our Experts

Comprised of distinguished physicians, M.D., Ph.D., nutritionists & Ayurveda experts, our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) members serve as strategic advisors to Grocare and were chosen for their multidisciplinary expertise, thought-leadership and diverse geographic representation. Their collective experience helps you receive the best in healthcare