Varicocele Kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Varicocele Kit is designed to help Cure Varicocele Without Surgery.

Each 40 Day Kit Contains:

  • Oronerv® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Activiz® - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Acidim® - 2 Bottles of 160 Tablets each

This kit was developed specifically to help reduce inflammation of the veins in the scrotum, regulate the body’s pH, and detoxify the body thereby curing varicocele naturally.  


Varicocele occurs when the veins in the scrotal sac swell up due to the valves not functioning properly. Internal inflammation, accumulation of toxins, and irregular pH hamper the functionality of the valves. This eventually causes pain, discomfort, and a reduction in sperm quality.

Grocare®'s Varicocele kit contains Oronerv®, Activiz®, and Acidim®. These three work in harmony to strengthen valves within the veins and regulate blood flow thereby reducing inflammation in the veins of the scrotal sac. 

Oronerv® strengthens the valves and inner linings of the veins, helping to improve blood flow, and repairs and synchronizes the nervous & vascular systems within the body.

Activiz® acts as a catalyst to the healing process by synergizing and recuperating internal systems whilst maintaining a healthy sperm count.

Acidim® reduces the production of free radicals and toxins in the body, which helps to relieve pressure on the valves, and enables them to function as designed. This treatment focusses on the root cause of the condition thereby effectively curing varicocele. 

  • 100% Safe
  • No Side Effects
  • No Added Chemicals
  • FDA Approved
  • Express Delivery  

In most cases, our observation is that the underlying cause of varicocele is IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome or a poor digestion, passing motions more than 1-2 times a day, gas/acidity, abdominal pain, weak intestines, resulting in underweight or weight loss. It is a must that this has to be tackled simultaneously by taking Xembran and Stomium together with Varicocele kit and


Oronerv® - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner

Activiz®  - 2 tablets twice daily—after breakfast, and after dinner

Acidim® - 2 tablets thrice daily—after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner

In cases of accompanied constipation or acidity, we additionally recommend taking 1 Xembran® tablet after breakfast, and 2 after dinner plus Stomium 2 after breakfast and 2 after dinner.


Symptomatic pain relief should be noticeable within a few weeks of use. Recovery generally takes between 4 and 6 months.

The timeline can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the Varicocele, diet, and lifestyle.

A recommended diet chart will be provided with this Varicocele kit.