How Grocare Is Curing Dental Problems Through Its Dencare®

Marketed in the form of a toothpowder (80gm), Dencare® is a natural herbal product that is curated by mixing Anacyclus Pyrethrum, Elletaria Cardamomum, Quercus Infectoria, and Eugenia Caryophyllata, to promote the ideal dental hygiene. The ingredients used can help reduce tooth sensitivity and promote the natural growth of enamel. Grocare has solely designed this toothpowder to maintain a favorable environment to encourage enamel growth naturally by balancing the pH of the mouth. With healthy enamel, Dencare® aims to eliminate all oral problems such as cavities, tooth sensitivity, and tartar.

The Origin of Dencare®

Ever since the beginning of time, it has been a norm amongst Indians to use neem twigs to cleans their teeth and maintain ideal oral hygiene. On the other hand, kinds of toothpaste that are available in the marketplace contain nearly 50 percent abrasives that polish the teeth and remove stains but erodes the most protective layer of your teeth — the enamel. Over time, this erosion builds up, which is ultimately degrading to the teeth. The dire need for natural oral hygiene led to the production of Dencare®, which has been specifically designed in a way that not only brings back the basics of Indian culture but also provides the highest level of oral hygiene.

In Ayurveda, the key to a successful product is the selection of a combination of pure, potent herbs. When designing a formula, Grocare gives its emphasis majorly on treating the cause of the problem and ways to reduce the pain, making the product as safe as possible, ensuring that there are no side-effects, and ensuring that the problem doesn't resurface. Grocare's main objective is to go to the root of a problem and make sure that it doesn't resurface by developing such effective ayurvedic products.

While developing a product, Grocare puts it for rigorous tests and puts them into the market only after consistent and successful results. Every ingredient is sourced ethically from local farmers, and mixed and tested, to ensure its quality, freshness, and purity. Usage of chemicals, fillers, synthetic ingredients, or fillers is avoided for the safety of the consumers.

Mentioned below are the essential herbs that are included while formulating Dencare®. Also, it should be noted that it is the combination that holds the utmost importance for effective results than individual herbs.
1. Quercus Infectoria:

This natural herb has astringent, antioxidant, wound-healing, and anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving bad breath and gum problems, including gum inflammation, gingivitis, and receding gums. Quercus Infectoria has powerful properties that help generate herbal metabolites, which indicates anti-dental caries activity. Besides, this potent herb has antibacterial agents that help protect against dental pathogens.

2. Anacyclus Pyrethrum:

Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Anacyclus Pyrethrum helps in treating teeth sensitivity and painful toothaches. Additionally, it helps relieve sore, swollen, and receding gums.

3. Eugenia Caryophyllata:

This bio herb has been in usage for the past several years in dental preparations due to its powerful antiseptic and strong germicide properties. Besides, its analgesic and antibacterial properties effectively help in fighting bacterial decomposition of food particles in the mouth, as well as bad breath, cavities, toothaches, and tooth decay.

4. Elletaria Cardamomum:

This potent herb works effectively in removing bad breath and has an aromatic taste. Elletaria Cardamomum has volatile oil that contains anti-microbial properties and helps treat teeth and gum infections.


Dencare® Toothpowder helps to promote the ideal dental hygiene.

Contents: 80gm Toothpowder

Dencare® can help to promote natural enamel growth and reduce tooth sensitivity.