The Ultimate Grocare Solution To Regulate Cholesterol Level

Made with the richness of pure and potent bio herbs such as Plumbago Zeylanica, Piper Brachystachyum, Emblica Officinalis, and Terminalia Chebula, Seosis® is a natural ayurvedic medicine that helps trigger the production of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in the body, as well as reduces the body's low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels. This, in turn, can naturally help in regulating the cholesterol levels in the body.

In Ayurveda, the key to a successful product is the selection of a combination of pure, potent herbs. When designing a formula, Grocare gives its emphasis majorly on treating the cause of the problem and ways to reduce the pain, making the product as safe as possible, ensuring that there are no side-effects, and ensuring that the problem doesn't resurface. Grocare's main objective is to go to the root of a problem and make sure that it doesn't resurface by developing such effective ayurvedic products. While developing a product, Grocare puts it for rigorous tests and puts them into the market only after consistent and successful results.

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Mentioned below are the essential herbs that are included while formulating Seosis®. Also, it should be noted that it is the combination that holds the utmost importance for effective results than individual herbs.
1. Plumbago Zeylanica:

This herb is known for its potential therapeutic properties, including hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, anti-atherogenic, and cardiotonic properties. The active component called plumbagin that is derived from Plumbago, increases the excretion of phospholipids and cholesterol, thereby preventing the accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver.

2. Piper Brachystachyum:

This potent herb is known to have high lipid-lowering and antiatherosclerotic effects. Piper Brachystachyum is one such herb that contains unique tannis and flavanoids, which are known to possess powerful antioxidant properties. Also, this herb can stimulate the antioxidant enzymes present in the body and thereby possess potent anti-aging properties.

3. Emblica Officinalis:

Known for its cardiovascular protective properties, Emblica Officinalis is a natural herb that protects from any kind of cardiovascular damage.

4. Terminalia Chebula:

This bio herb effectively purifies the blood in the body and helps regulate bile secretion as it detoxifies the gall bladder and liver, significantly reduces the body's serum cholesterol and lipid levels, and helps in proper digestion and assimilation. Furthermore, it is an internal cleanser that works by removing harmful toxins and excess fats outside the body.

Proper Usage of Seosis®:

This product works best if two tablets (850 mg each) are taken two times daily after meals, or as prescribed by the healthcare professional or as indicated in applicable disease medication. Seosis® is used to stimulate the production of HDL in the body, as well as to reduce the body's production of LDL. This mechanism can, in turn, regulate cholesterol levels naturally.

Side-effects Associated With Seosis®:

If taken within the prescribed dosage, Seosis® doesn't result in any known side-effects. The tablet can be safely taken by patients with diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, and pregnant women.  Seosis® is not known to cause any harm or adverse effect in any of the above cases.


The Ultimate Grocare Solution To Regulate Cholesterol Level Naturally

160 Tablets: 850gm

Directions for Use:

2 tablets 2 times daily after meals, or as indicated in applicable disease medication or as directed.

This herbal product can encourage the body’s production of HDL and reduce LDL. This can also regulate the cholesterol levels naturally