Bronchitis Kit

Bronchitis Kit

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At Grocare®, we care for you much more than you care for yourselves. Grocare®'s Respiratory kit is a research based kit designed to alleviate and control Bronchitis and associated symptoms.

 Each 30 day Kit contains:

  • Absogen® - 1 Bottle of 60 Capsules
  • Abronym® - 1 Bottle of 60 Capsules

Airway inflammation and blockages is common symptom in all cases of Bronchitis, COPD & Asthma causing symptoms such as persistent cough, difficulty in breathing, dyspnoea, wheezing and sputum.

Western medicine incorporates the use of mostly Inhaled corticosteroids, Leukotriene modifiers, Combination inhalers & Theophylline in various forms over the long term whilst merely controlling the symptoms that in turn may cause various harmful side effects. 

To control said conditions, there is a need to control internal inflammation & clear out the mucus & phlegm depositions. 

Absogen® is a research based product based on Bhasmas (a process involving incineration & purification of extremely high quality precious gem stones). It has been studied extensively to work as a supplement that helps control anti inflammatory markers such as CRP, fibrinogen, TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-8. 

Abronym® is scientifically proven to be very effective as an Anti fibrotic by melting away the blockages and mucus depositions (sometimes misdiagnosed as fibrosis) in the bronchial tubes and lungs cavities. Apart from being Anti Fibrotic in nature, it also has the following effects: 

  1. Extremely Effective against respiratory disorders - owing to its intrinsic anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antibiotic, expectorant and anti-asthmatic properties, the herbo-mineral powder holds high significance in treating the cough and flu symptoms. It also thins and loosens rheum deposits within the chest and nasal cavities and hence eases breathing and facilitates the body to get rid of mucus. 
  2. Improves cognitive ability - Users taking Abronym® have seen improved memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities 
  3. Shields from intestinal troubles - including parasites, harmful bacteria & chronic gastritis 

Research Articles on Abronym®:

Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on Lung fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on Renal fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, GC, Vindia and their combinations on oral fibrosis characters
Effect of Absogen, Zerilox, Abronym, Turmeric and their combinations on uterine and ovarian fibrosis characters (In Vitro)
Effect of Abronym on Hair follicle stem cells
Effect of Absogen and Abronym of In Vitro Sinusitis model

Research Articles on Absogen®:

- Anti Oxidant & Anti Inflammatory action of Absogen® against Osteoarthritis

- Anti Inflammatory action of Absogen® against Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Effect of Absogen® on aging gene expression in mesenchymal dental pulp stem cells

- Anticancer activity analysis of Absogen India) and effect of epithelial mesenchymal transitions in Lung cancer cell line A549

- Induction of apoptotic cell death in pancreatic cancer cell line and liver cancer cell line by Absogen



Absogen® - 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner

(in severe conditions - 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner)

Abronym® - 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner


Side effects: 
Absogen® & Abronym® does not have any side effects if taken within the prescribed dosage. It can safely be consumed by persons with diabetes or high blood pressure. It does not cause any harm/ adverse effect in above cases. 

Please contact us by email or phone for personalised guidance from our in-house doctors.

Disclaimer :
With the consumption of Grocare Ayurvedic products, an individual can experience noticeable changes and relief from pain, discomfort etc. within a few weeks of its consumption.The results with the consumption of the Gorcare's kit vary entirely based on the consumer's age, diet, and the overall lifestyle they have

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Grocare® Bronchitis Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Prashant bose
Post covid issues

I definitely feel much better than before. I am really thankful to grocare and Meenu madam for her guidance and support.

nandita .

I’m 16 years old and I’ve got a really bad cough, but no fever. It went on for a month and my parents just told me that it would go away. I threw up about four times a day and had pounding headaches. When I finally went to the doctor he said I had bronchitis and if I waited any longer I could have had an asthma attack. I’m now on an inhaler and antibiotics that I take every 6 hours. After doing all this for over a year, and seeing no results, I tried Grocare's bronchitis kit and that has cured me.


I have had bronchitis all my life on and off. I get it at least once a year and I have even got pneumonia a few times a year. Mine has almost always been treated with antibiotics. I have had different effects in my 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s when I got bronchitis. I used to get a fever, a pain in my left side, and lots of phlegm, now at 67 I get body aches and phlegm, that’s it. All inhalers seem to help, but antibiotics seem to work the best for me as far as giving me the best relief. But still, I was always hopeful of a miracle one day in my life. This happened 8 months ago, when my colleague who is a fan of Grocare, told me about Grocare's bronchitis kit. I reluctantly ordered one for 30 days, and was impressed with initial results. Since then, I have also become fan of Grocare, as my bronchitis and its symptoms are reduced by over 70%

Sabitha Nagothu .

My doctors say that I am suffering from bronchitis. I was admitted in 2018 with high fever, dry cough -hardly any phlegm, bad chest pain, constipation, itchy body very like fungus infection, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. This kind of problems persist and bronchitis always bothered me. Grocare's bronchitis kit has helped a lot, and now I see hope that one day, I will be totally out of this Bronchitis mess.

Vijayashree G.S

I was diagnosed with bronchitis in 2015. The doctor put me on antibiotics and albuterol, which only made the coughing worse. After multiple chest x-rays and pulmonary function tests, all of which came back normal, I still am short of breath and cough has not left. Now the doctor has referred me to a pulmonologist. Unfortunately, he has added Nebulisers and they have not helped either. I fatigue easily after simple chores. My workout buddy has given up on me, my kids and spouse are beginning to wonder if it's all in my head. I only go to the doctor for basic routine stuff, and am feeling very discouraged. I'm wishing the best for all my fellow sufferers out there. Let's not let this define us or get us down! With all these feelings, I was suggested Grocare who claim to heal bronchitis through their research based products Absogen and Abronym. I tried for 1 month, and it showed promise. Since last 8 months, I am on it and feel improved by over 80%. Thanks to my friend who suggested Grocare and of course best wihses Grocare !

Umagaury Ratanjankar

I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis in my teens, told I’d probably get emphysema as I aged. It happened at 36. Tried everything under the sun, nothing seemed to make me feel better on a consistent basis. Then Grocare was suggested, I tried and it really worked. Initially I thought, it could be just my wishful thinking, but slowly resutls were there for everyone to see, thanks Grocare for solving my long term problem


Last 10 years I had been suffering from cough. I used Asthalin (in emergency) and Formonide 200 and Lukast for my bronchitis but they offered no relief. Then I switched to Grocare's Absogen and Abronym, and started seeing relief in about 10 days and the reflief continues. I will follow it as per Grocare's advice.

Rupa Lahiri

I thought I was catching a cold about five years ago, but it turned into a very bad cough that got worse and worse, until I was coughing so much I knew it was not just a cold. I was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis and put on a steroid treatment along with breathing treatments. When steroids were finished, I got worse, coughing until I was vomiting. The emergency room gave me more breathing treatments and another (different) steroid treatment and inhaler plan. I am slightly better as far as coughing goes, but my chest still sputters and crackles when I breath and I cannot lie down to sleep. I am weaning off the steroid treatment again and still using inhalers. Then came Grocare's Absogen and Abronym, and I started them with disbelief, intially I was told to take double dose for 3 months, and in 4 weeks, results were absoultely fantastic. Now, I am confident of my life once more.

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