Endometriosis Kit

Endometriosis Kit

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This kit creates conditions which then do not allow cells/ tissues to grow at undesired places - outside the uterus. As a result, symptoms like Pelvic Pain, discomfort and pain during periods and menstrual irregularities are controlled naturally.

Each 30 Day Kit Contains:

  • Abronym® - 1 Bottle of 60 Capsules
  • Grocare Turmeric Supplement® - 60 gm Fortified Turmeric Powder. 


This kit includes Abronym® & Grocare Turmeric Supplement® which has a synergistic effect on the reproductive tract. It helps to regulate hormones, relieves Pelvic Pain and does not allow cells /tissues to grow in undesired places, and makes them grow in required places only, thus taking care of Endometriosis. As a result, Pain and discomfort associated with periods gets minimised. Designed to restore normal menstruation along with the reduction of Endometriosis symptoms, this Ayurvedic treatment ensures long lasting results.

Abronym® is especially beneficial for resolving Endometriosis as it helps to regular tissues, dissolve cysts naturally. All-natural, and highly effective.

Grocare Turmeric Supplement® is all Natural Fortified Turmeric Curcumin Extract. Helps build immunity, fight inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. It works to eliminate free radicals in the reproductive system, which corrects cells / tissues placements at right places, while acting as a catalyst to the healing process by synergising the internal systems of the body. 




Abronym® - 1 Capsule twice daily—1 capsule after breakfast, and 1 capsule after dinner

Grocare Turmeric Supplement® - 1 teaspoon after breakfast, and 1 teaspoon after dinner


Benefits start getting visible within 1-2 months. 9 to 12 months is the standard duration recommended for this natural Endometriosis formula. The timeline can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of Endometriosis, diet, and lifestyle.

If you are currently taking other medications or supplements, please get in touch with us via email.

For optimal results, it is important to follow the low-protein diet chart provided, as well as enjoy walks in the morning and evening.



Disclaimer :
With the consumption of Grocare Ayurvedic products, an individual can experience noticeable changes and relief from pain, discomfort etc. within a few weeks of its consumption.The results with the consumption of the Gorcare's kit vary entirely based on the consumer's age, diet, and the overall lifestyle they have

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Grocare® Endometriosis Kit
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