Rheumatoid Arthritis Kit

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Rheumatoid arthritis, known as a progressive, autoimmune disorder, is caused due to living amoebic, protozoal, and/or other opportunistic pathogens - inside your bloodstream, joints, distorted air element (Vata), and resultant toxins (Aam) in the body. These Vata and Toxins accumulate in the soft issues, small and/or large joints, and irritate them, thus putting pressure on the nerves and veins in that area. Hence the area becomes red, swollen and stiff, and extremely painful. The nerves cannot pass signals smoothly and hence, the condition gets aggravated causing excessive pain and discomfort.

GC®, Acidim®, Stomium® & Activiz® work in harmony to help correct distortion in air element (Vata) in the joints while removing Toxins (Aam). GC® and Acidim® work as an antiprotozoal, comprehensive detoxifier and help to balance pH. Oronerv allows smooth flow of nerve signals. It acts as a Neuro – Vascular tonic, thereby giving strength to the vascular and nervous system. As a result, the pressure on nerves and veins in the joints is released. Xembran® works to eliminate the bacterial load. This addresses the root cause of the problem thereby reducing the chances of recurrence. 


Acidim® (2 tablets), Oronerv® (2 tablets) Stomium® (2 tablets), GC® (1 tablet), and Activiz® (2 tablets) twice daily after meals for 6-8 months. Xembran® (1 tablet) after breakfast and 2 tablets after dinner.

Benefits should become visible within 4 weeks.